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At Kinderama Kids Classes & Camps We Love Variety!

Dance, drama, music, ball skills, yoga, sport and mindfulness to name but a few!

Kinderama is a unique multi-activity series of classes, developed for the younger child’s abilities and attention span, delivered to creches and pre-schools.

Our Kids Classes are creative and motivating.  Every week has a different theme and because we know kids love to try new things we have a huge variety of activities including dance, drama, music, sports & gymnastics all wrapped up in magical stories & adventures.

With years of experience and knowledge behind us, our syllabus is always evolving and growing to help meet the needs of the children and their carers.

In the last two years we have extended our Pre-School Programme to include yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques, all to help children add to their toolbox of skills to cope with school life.  There are also weekly take-home sheets so parents can see what their child has learnt and to help encourage parent/child interaction (instead of the normal “What did you do today?” “Nothing!” conversation!!!!).

To keep things new and interesting each of our Kinderama Kids Classes has a different theme, beautiful costumes and props, exciting music and adventures, original stories and poems, colourful puppets and plenty of equipment.

We offer classes directly to Pre-schools, Schools and Créches.  Many of our schools and crèches have trusted us for over 18 years, so we must be doing something right – just look at our testimonials to see what Pre-Schools and Parents have said about us.  Oh and if you are here trying to pay for your child’s class you need to go here:

Our unique Kids Camps for Pre-Schoolers

Beautiful costumes, magical adventures, amazing puppets & making new friends!

Our creative two/four day Kids Mini Camps are full of amazing adventures, costumes, puppets, exciting music, arts, dance & activities, original stories, yoga & mindfulness.
We cater for boys & girls aged 3-5 years, as we feel this age group deserve all of our attention. If your child is in their last year of ECCE or going into Junior Infants this is the perfect school holiday camp for them.  We keep our numbers small and each day is designed for a younger child’s attention span.  Our experienced teachers work with this age group all year round, they are Vetted and First Aid qualified and most importantly they are Mums themselves!!  Our program encourages children’s social skills & confidence – Great preparation for School!

Our Kids Summer Camps Information

Due to Covid-19 we have decided not to run any Summer Camps this year.  We wish you all a safe Summer and we will see you in September!


Creative, Motivating & Full of New Skills

  • Create A Magical Adventure

  • Learn A New Skill

  • Listen to Amazing Music

  • Make A Friend

  • Be Calm And Breathe

  • Learn How To Be Mindful

  • Boogy To A Different Beat

  • Stretch Your Body

  • Try Something New

  • Dressing Up!