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Our Founder and Creative Director Stef McSherry trained at Italia Conti School of Performing Arts in London.

Back in 2000 Stef had performed in shows all over the world, but was looking for a new adventure. She had heard from friends how frustrating it was for parents to buy expensive leotards and ballet shoes, and pay a school for a term up front, only to find out two weeks later that their child no longer wanted to partake in those classes. In fact Stef’s early memories of dance classes were of cold studios, strict teachers, ballet tights and not too much fun!

So Stef went on a mission to start some children’s classes that both boys and girls could participate in, that didn’t require expensive uniforms or shoes and that exposed children to a wide variety of music, dance and different activities and that were fun! The formula worked and Kinderama was born.


Kinderama classes are a hugely positive place to be.   Both online and offline they help build children’s confidence and are a great addition to the early years of school.

We formally became Kinderama in 2004 and started offering classes to pre-schools and crèches, following the development of our comprehensive syllabus. Our original mission remains to this day and now Kinderama classes are a great addition to the pre-school setting. They help build children’s confidence and are a great preparation for school.

And who knows for some children Kinderama may be the first step before going onto more formal classes in dance, sport, drama or music!

Our Kinderama Online Experience was our lockdown project during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  At first we started with live classes on Instagram and Facebook, which were hugely popular.  When the reality of working from home, lack of childcare, cocooning grandparents and weeks in quarantine became the reality we realised we needed to translate our classes to a magical online experience.  So now you can choose to do a Make Believe Adventure, an Energetic Class or wind down with Ten Minutes Peace all from the comfort and safety of your home. Both Imaginative and Active this Screen Time is guilt-free!


Check out the locations we operate in and remember your pre-school can book a free trial class… for some more information call (Ire) 0862446433 and (UK) 07788 452442 or email