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What currency can I pay in?

Once you have selected which membership you wish to purchase there is a dropdown menu where you can select US/Canadian/Australian or Singapore Dollars, UK Sterling or Norwegian Krona.

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My videos aren’t loading properly- what can I do?

If the video isn’t playing or keeps stopping and starting, you can use the gear icon (bottom right side of video) to adjust the resolution. Higher res (HD) takes more bandwidth and slower connections will not load as quickly.

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I’m trying to pay for my child’s creche classes. Am I in the right place?

No! Each school that we teach at has a unique link for payment. It looks like this:
but the last part of it is unique to your school. If you can’t find it don’t panic! Speak to the manager at the school or contact to find out the info you need.

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I received a gift card as a present but the code is reading ‘invalid’.

What a great gift!!!  Sorry that you are having an issue redeeming it.

When you have completed your sign up form you need to click on ‘Have a Coupon?’. You can then enter your code here. If you have any issues just email us at

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Do I have to decide after my initial membership if I want to continue or is it automatic?

Kinderama Online is an auto renewal subscription and you will get an email to remind you your subscription is renewing.  If you want to cancel you can do so by logging into your account but you must do so before the renewal date of your subscription.  If you have any hassle just email


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How many devices can I be logged into at a time?

You can be logged in on 2 devices (Eg. phone & laptop). If you log into a third one the other two will be logged out.  This is a security feature to stop your account details being jeopardised.

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How do I cast to a TV?

This is such a useful feature and it means you can cast to your TV for your little ones to see.

You can cast/screen mirror using the following:
  • Use Chromecast: connect your device to any smart TV and ask the TV to mirror your mobile device (at date of writing Vimeo does not support Chromecast directly from the video.  We also have a little video of this as a Highlight on our Insta Page @kinderama).
  • Use AirPlay: connect Apple TV to any TV and you can stream from your mobile device direct from the video (we have a little video of this as a Highlight on our Insta Page @kinderama).
  • Use a cable: connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable


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How much does Kinderama online cost? is a great investment for some active, positive screen time.  You can choose from a €10 monthly subscription or pay €100 up front (which means you get two months free!).

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How do I contact Kinderama?

The easiest way is by email

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by logging in and going to My Account in the menu.  Go to subscriptions and you will see a link to cancel.

Any issue just let us know at

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