Five Easy Ways to Calm Younger Children Down

Mindfulness or Calming exercises don’t have to be complicated – particularly for younger children.  Try one of these next time you need to help your little one out.

  1. Blowing bubbles not only distracts kids but blowing out slowly calms down
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Top 10 Play Ideas

I often get asked for my favourite ‘play’ ideas for younger children.

I think we are all great at entertaining our kids for certain amounts of time but during long periods of lockdown or having to quarantine we ran out …

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The Stabilizers

The story of the stabilizers.

My little man had just turned 5 when Santa gave him a new big bike – without stabilisers on it! He had loved his little green bike (with stabilizers) but it was now way too …

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As a Mum muddling her way through this parenting lark, more and more I find myself asking the children to be kinder. Mainly kinder to each other to be honest, but also to their friends and neighbours.

We live in …

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